Harts Party Hire: A Fairy Tale No More

If you are looking for music for your party why not try hiring a professional dj service that can cater to your tastes. Remember when doing this try to stay away from the cheaper options. Because it is a low entry business there are any people in this industry trying to make a quick buck. Research your chosen entertainment company well, you wont regret it. If you are really on a tight budget you could ask around friends and family if anyone has a P.A that you could borrow and you might then just be able to hire the DJ who could plug into this system.

Portable Heaters. For outdoor events, these are a must have. While the night descends into cold temperatures, you can keep guests warm and comfy with outdoor heaters. Ask your festival hire if they have mushroom heaters, area heaters, or PatioPal heaters. All these types can be used inside marquee tents and are great for any type of party. Simply enquire on their specifications so you can choose which one suits the venue most.

8) Instead of wedding favors, why not hire a cartoon artist and have them draw cartoons of the people who attend your reception. Guests will enjoy taking home a picture of the day.

Pull off an one of a kind treat for your friends during the winter and decide on which summer party in Melbourne you would like to have. It’s never too late for some fun summer activities to have it at party hire in Melbourne.

Most people remember they need a DJ on the eleventh hour, when budget has been exhausted on catering and venue. This results in the tendency to hire cheap event entertainment services. So remind yourself to include hiring a DJ during the planning of the event. There are DJs that offer very inexpensive services, which prove to be really cheap in the end.

Deck the Trees – For outdoor weddings create a bohemian vibe by decorating trees with bunting & wreaths during the day. When night falls light up some pretty colored lanterns.

Bartending is better than boring beer. In a party of five close friends, perhaps ice-cold beer is the ultimate choice of beverage. Ready the grill and the barbecue and the party is good to go. You can’t exactly say the same for a party of many visitors. You want to refresh your guests but you think beer is just plain boring? Apart from a chocolate fountain and a slushy maker, here’s another idea. Get a barista and you can expect mixes you can only taste in a bar! While not all party equipment providers have bar staff in their list of services and packages, you can still ask. They often have a network of other service providers and they can refer you to their beverage service partners. Imagine the fun you’ll have with shots of the sweetest and most refreshing cocktails.

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